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Castles of Britain


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Just as two castles were never built the same, so too were there never two castles furnished the same. A lot depended on the wealth of the lord. The great halls were painted and had tapestries hanging from the walls. The ceilings had corbels carved or painted. Maybe the floor would be covered with straw and scented with herbs.

The huge fireplaces were painted and faced with carvings. The dishes used would be expensive and elaborate. Maybe silver or pewter pottery adorned the long table of the hall.

The sleeping chambers had private oratories and large elaborate carved beds. Feather mattresses, silks, and quilts completed the luxury. Some beds probably had canopies and curtains. Of course, this is the way the lord and guests slept. The servants and workers, more than likely, had to sleep on the floor using their cloaks for covers. Some had straw that helped them to get a better night's sleep.

The chapel was probably the most elaborately furnished, rich in ornaments, having glazed windows and colorful furniture. The kitchens would have had built-in facilities. Even with some of the most convenient of furnishings, life back then was crude compared to our modern day standards.