Castles of Britain

The Keeps

Appleby Keep
appleby keep
Location: Cumbria OS: NY 685200 Type: square Date: 1170
Four storeys high, measuring 46ft square and 80ft high with 6ft thick walls.

Brougham Keep
brougham keep
Location: Cumbria OS:NY 537290 Type: square Date: 1203
Built by Robert de Vipont. Four storeys, measuring 44ft square with 11ft thick walls. Built of red sandstone with ashlar dressings.

Canterbury Keep
canterbury keep
Location: Kent OS: TR 145574 Type: rectangular Date: unknown
Three storeys, 90ft by 75ft, with walls 14ft thick. The date for the tower is unknown.

Castle Rising Keep
castle rising keep
Location: Norfolk OS: TF 666246 Type: rectangular Date: 1138
Three storeys measuring 78ft by 68ft and 50ft high.

Chilham Keep
chilham keep
Location: Kent OS: TR 066535 Type: polygonal Date: unknown
The four storeyed keep was built of Kentish ragstone. 21ft in diameter internally.

Colchester Keep
colchester keep
Location: Essex OS: TL 998254 Type: rectangular Date: 1075
The largest keep in England, measuring 150ft by 110ft and 90ft high, with walls 12 1/2 ft thick. In 1683 John Wheeley pulled down the top two storeys.

Dover Keep
dover keep
Location: Kent OS: TR 326416 Type: square Date: 1172
98ft by 96ft by 95ft tall with walls up to 21ft thick. Built of Kentish ragstone and dressed with Caen stone. The cross-wall, running all the way up the keep, is 7ft thick. The keep is four storeys and the well inside is 240ft deep.

Duffield Keep
duffield keep
Location: Derbyshire OS: SK 344441 Type: square Date: 1160
95ft by 93ft by 120ft high with walls 15ft thick. Only foundations remain. The well in the keep is 80ft deep.

Guilford Keep
guildford keep
Location: Surry OS: SK SU999495 Type: square Date: 1171
47ft square and 63ft high externally and 26ft by 23ft internally. The walls are 10ft thick, while the East wall is 14ft thick.

Hedingham Keep
hedingham keep
Location: Essex OS: TL 787359 Type: rectangular Date: 12th century
Built of Barnock Oolite. It is 73ft high with the corner turrets extending it another 20ft. The walls are 12ft thick.

Kenilworth Keep
kenilworth keep
Location: Warwickshire OS: SP 278723 Type: rectangular Date: 11th century
Built by Henry de Clinton. Three storeys high measuring 46ft by 33ft.

Ludlow Keep
ludlow keep
Location: Shropshire OS: SO 508746 Type: rectangular Date: 12th century
Converted main gatehouse. Each end of the entrance passages were blocked and a gateway inserted at the east. The walls were widened by additions on either side.

Middleham Keep
middleham keep
Location: Yorkshire OS: SE 128875 Type: rectangular Date: 1170
Built by Robert Fitzrandolph. 108ft by 78ft, two storeyed, 60 ft high, with walls up to 12ft thick.

Newcastle Upon Tyne Keep
newcastle upon tyne keep
Location: Northumberland OS: NZ 253639 Type: rectangular Date: 1168
Built by Henry ll. Five storeys, 62ft by 56ft, and built of sandstone slabs with ashlar dressings.

Rochester Keep
rochester keep
Location: Kent OS: TQ 742686 Type: square Date: 1127
Built by Archbishop William de Corbeil. The tower rises to 115ft, making it the tallest Norman Keep. 70 ft square, with walls 12 ft thick. It has a basement and three residential floors.

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